Music Wall

Music Wall is a simple music player with a unique layout, that generates a wall of all the albums in your library using their respective album arts. Phone & PC
Weather Quote

Weather Quote isn't just another weather app. It delivers weather status along with an awesome quote right on your lock screen!

Luminous is a simple & fun flashlight app that allows you to use your phone like a magic wand! Just instruct Cortana with the spell 'Lumos Maxima' ... and voila! Enjoy, Potterheads. Phone & PC

Official Android application for members of the Central Kolkata CA Study Circle - EIRC. View & search complete directory list, edit your info, see latest information and participate in events.

Display is your personal billboard which makes use of your device's large screen to show messages. Phone & PC

Surf4 (or 'Surfer') browser is a different take on the Windows Phone browsing experience with a clutter free layout & uses maximum screen area.
Compare It!

Compare It! is an one-of-a-kind app for comparing two images side-by-side. You can also view live camera stream to compare with an image.

People are increasingly relying on Internet technologies to facilitate business at the speed of thought.

Complex & diverse business requirements call for deployment of robust IT systems which are competent in handling gigantic volumes of data in real time, in the most efficient manner, to deliver value consistently. Today, increasing number of businesses rely on IT specialists to add value to their technologies.

We believe that technology can be leveraged to make almost anything simpler, faster & efficient. We can augment your businesses by identifying & deploying latest technologies to help you achieve better results & grow faster.

Get in touch with us today for a consultation on how can we help you achieve your goals by leveraging technology. We cater both enterprises & start-ups.

Founded in 2015 by brothers Nishkarsh & Siddhant Kankaria. Technologically we're everywhere. Physically, we are located amidst Thar Desert in the city of Jodhpur. It's an attractive tourist destination. Do drop by our home-office if you are in the city.

Nishkarsh has previously worked with EY & ICICI Prudential AMC in Mumbai & Gemini Corporation in Antwerp. His passion for technology & entrepreneurial spirit brought him back to his home town in summer of 2015 to start a venture in technology. He lives by his words: "leveraging technologies to making lives simpler."

Siddhant is the coder, BCA (gold medallist) & MCA by profession. He has been coding on Windows platform since 2013, while studying for his graduation. With many Windows Phone & PC apps in his repertoire, he has also been featured by Microsoft in their official blog.

We are excited & passionate about technology & it's prowess making herculean tasks effortless & convenient.
Nishkarsh Kankaria
Co-founder, Dreamer
Slashash Tech LLP
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Siddhant Kankaria
Co-founder, Developer